Monday, December 12, 2011

kid stuff!

I haven't been able to be very crafty lately as we are preparing to move back to the east coast on saturday so I've been busy cleaning, organizing and purging the excess (that includes my scrap stash!) I have to say I am a bit nervous about letting the movers pack and take all my precious supplies, 2 Cricuts and numerous tools and bags! I will be doing a lot of deep breathing until that truck shows up at the new house! However I do have something sweet and crafty to share. My youngest daughter was very bored the other day as her sister was sick and, in her words, "It's boring when someone is sick" so to help her I suggested doing a little craft project. She had purchased some American Girl doll stickers at Michaels a while back and wanted to use them so I got her all set up and let her craft away. This is what she came up with! She's 5!
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Happy Crafting!