Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pinterest crafts!!

So I think I mentioned before that I joined Pinterest and was using it as a crutch to get me through the weeks (months) of no crafting. So I've been on it stockpiling cool craft ideas and with Valentine's Day coming up I decided to try a few. This first one if for my daughters' kindergarten classmates, I got the idea from little felt snowman ornaments. I made mine into pockets for a lollipop. I used buttons from my recent shopping trip as well as from my stash!

The second one looked really cool but the instructions were literally in Chinese (or Japanese, I'm not sure) So I just had to go off of the pictures and wing it. I will say the next time I do this I won't get such stiff felt, the red was a bit too stiff. I think both projects turned out pretty cute and I'm really happy with them! If you aren't on Pinterest you should check it out, if you are, look me up! I could always use more people and ideas to glean inspiration from!

A close up
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Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Ohhhhh these turned out wonderful! I love them! That heart banner is fabulous!