Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sometimes it's good to have a bossy friend...

I say "bossy" with much love! My friend Janette gave me a chipboard album for Christmas. I have never done a chipboard album, never really saw a need for something so little and in all honesty I was a bit intimidated by them! So her cute little gift sat in my craft room and would have remained there if it were not for her bossy insistence that I do something with it. She even offered the idea inspiration, something to do with Valentine's day! My wheels of creativity started creaking to life and a vision of it popped into my head. I was still a little afraid though, often my visions do not translate well to paper! My first order of business was to get appropriate paper, and what better paper to use for a Valentine book than Nikki Sivils 'Sugar Cookie' line? Once that was accomplished I then needed to carve out time to actually work on it, easier said than done! This past week started out wonderfully and ended on a very flu ridden note! My daughters and I all came down with it around the same time and spent the second half of the week fighting off fevers and body aches...soooo not fun! Finally yesterday I was feeling a bit better so I got to work. I was amazed by 2 things; first was how flippin' long it took to make and second was that it actually came together just as I imagined! So I am thankful to my bossy friend and her idea inspiration! Here is my very first chipboard album!


  1. so cute Erica! you are so talented

  2. I think it turned out amazing Erica. It is so beautiful. See what you can do with my bossiness. Ha!