Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A sad day...

As I've talked about before I lived in Missouri for 4 years and only just recently moved back to New England. While I was in MO I met some amazing scrapbookers, of course my amazing friends Alicia and Janette, but also the ladies of Scrapbook Generation; Debbie, Karen, Stacey and Allison. They do amazing things for the scrapbook community there and it was such an amazing experience to get to be a part of it! (that is a LOT of amazings!)
Today I learned that Allison, for the foreseeable future, will not be updating her inspiring Sketch Support site. It was a great inspiration to me when it started but I was a fan long before she began that endeavor and will continue to be so. She has a great talent and so in honor of her and the ladies at Scrap Gen (as I call it) I am going to post a few (or 10) of my favorite LO's/cards made from or inspired by their sketches. I don't have sketch numbers listed so unfortunately I can't tell you which they are but if you check out their website you can buy their wonderful sketch books and kits and get some for yourself!

Thank you ladies, you have really helped make me the scrapper I am today! Best of luck to you Allison!


  1. I heard about that too and it is sad! Her sketches are amazing!! I loveeeeeeeeeee everything you made using them!!

  2. Hi Erica- I wasn't sure how to contact you so hope you get this... I'm sorry about my "buy Now" button for some reason my PayPal account is down! I can't even log-in! I'm so sorry. But the good new is since the button doesn't work you'll still be able to get one of the kits since no one can order! :(
    Please check back!!
    Again Sorry! -Nikki Sivils